- The background images used on this page are not royalty-free. Please use images from your own collection. †

- The page SAMPLE is a "hidden" page that contains sets of elements grouped into "sections": Title + photo, Icons + text, text + icons + video, etc... †

Select the section that best fits the design desired and copy/paste it onto your page (to ‚??paste‚?Ě in a specific location, right-click and choose Paste). Be sure to take the entirety of the section by selecting its external container (the one containing the background image or color).†

- Important: each "section" must have one, and only one, inner container (element group) for the section content. The outer margins of this sub-container set minimum distances from section boundaries.

- The "Horizontal" button in the "Selection" menu controls the automatic centering of an element.†

- To change the order of elements - i.e. place an element below another in a "relative" positioned container (like most of the content in the sections), use the Element Explorer on the left: green "arrow buttons" will appear when it is possible to change the order. Icons under an element and above the element group allow to put elements onto the same "line" and modify alignment.

- The entire header menu can be modified in its dedicated Layer (e.g. "Base_MenuRetractable"; simply change the page‚??s Layer to use a different menu). Use this to modify menu links (by copy/pasting existing links), change the colors etc. Note that these elements are pre-programmed to work with one another, so try to avoid ‚??dragging‚?Ě new ones on that could disrupt the general responsive behavior of the menu (favor using copy & paste).

- For more information, please consult the Wiki: †


Please delete this notice before publishing the final version of your website.

To change the appearance of the page, edit the styles of the corresponding elements (in most cases by using the "Main Frame" Style Zone). †

To change the menu‚??s links: edit, copy-paste, or delete the Link Elements within.†

To hide an element without deleting it, use its†property Visible.
To "activate" displaying of an arrow, use its property "Visible"
creative arts - design & organisation
istanbul - chicago - lyon
no matter the platform used, we bring ideas to enhance your visibility
Social media, is todays communication platform, where people get in touch†& maintain relations, companies launch &†promote their products. All this is possible in case you have a strong image, a lot of followers and an attracive design to your platform.
We partner with you and your team, no matter your technical level, in order to bring our technical and life experience to create inspring designs to your various platforms, enhancing you visibility and popularity.
we provide the idea, the frame and bring the final touch to your creations
Broadcasted or on virtual platforms, today the best communication is through animations and movies;†either you are creating a user manual, or you are preparing a lenghty TV show or a movie, we are here to help with supporting you and your team with ;
- desigining the story, content, colors, cast,...
- creating animations to enhance the words, either for movies or for any presentations
- editing your creations to provide the best on screen experience to your audience
We use the power of communication; to enhance knowledge and imagination.
And for that, we blend cultures, learn from nature & history, cross borders...
the pen is mightier than the sword...
...so share with us
A key to your heart
† † www.denizorhun.com
Beyond your imagination
† † www.emreorhun.com
† †Open House Bakery & Patisserie
Share your feelings...
† † ... through our blog
no man is an island
to understand the man, you must first walk a mile in his shoes